My radar detector breakdown was expensive


Sometimes, the things you invest in with the hope they’ll keep you out of trouble end up doing just the opposite. This very thing happened to me not long ago, while I was on my way back from a family trip in Colorado.

I usually don’t travel long routes and I’m a true supporter of traffic laws, but since I was supposed to share my driver’s seat with my son, I bought a radar detector just to be sure I’ll be spending my money on Christmas gifts instead of using them to pay speeding tickets.

I’m an old-school champ who doesn’t know much about gadgets and new technology, so I let my youngster do the research and figure out what type of radar detector we should buy and after a couple of days we already had it installed. We wouldn’t be able to do it without this guide.

The first day on the road went smoothly, and we didn’t even need the radar, since I was doing the driving, but as my son took the wheel the next day, I became more and more happy about the purchase and about the fact that we had managed to put it into function and it had saved us of at least three tickets.

We managed to remain debt-free on the way there and I got confident that I could speed up a little on clear roads, so on our way back from Colorado I did just that. We we driving through Utah when we suddenly got half of second of static out of the radar detector and then dead silence. We immediately started analyzing the thing, turning it face-down and shaking it, so I kind of forgot to reduce the speed. The silence only lasted until the police siren started and we were pulled over and handed a fat speeding ticket.


My son began looking paler and paler until I had him confess that he had actually purchase a second-hand radar detector from a garage sale, that actually cost him half the price of what he had told me.

Aside from being tricked by my keen, my biggest conclusion from all this was that devices like these, that are supposed to make your life easier, should be bought from the producers and dedicated stores, as sometimes your life and money may depend on them heavily.