How often should you use a flat iron


Finding the right flat iron is the first step to a quality straightening in-house session, but how often can you operate without putting your hair in danger? First of all, there is no universally acknowledged treatment that can cover all types of hair. Therefore, one straightening routine might work damage-free on some tresses, but might cause others to burn or become very weak and unhealthy.  


As many stylists recommend, you should only use a flat iron at the end of a preparation routine that consists of shampooing, conditioning and drying your hair really well. If you hair is dirty, flat ironing it will only lead to burying the dirt deeper into the fibers. Applying sufficient conditioner is crucial before plugging the flat iron, as the hair needs to be as hydrated as possible in order to withstand the action of the heat.

Now that we’ve gone through the basic preparation stage, be sure to use the flat iron once a week at most. Using it more often than that will lead to gradual degradation, weakness and will impair it more and more from resisting to overheating.

cy4As life is never about control, there may be times when a second or third intervention with the flat iron might be needed. In this case, you have to be even more careful about applying the best methods of protecting your hair. After you’ve followed the steps we mentioned above, what you need to do is apply a thermal protectant substance, that you can find as a spray or balm, and don’t use it scarcely. This will guard your hair from the excessive heat action and help maintain a certain level of moisture.

Secondly, if you are using the flat iron for the second time in a small period, make it short and make it count. Set your temperature to medium or higher, depending on your type of hair, and try not to repeat the movements on the same segment of hair.


They say that sometimes, if you do it correctly, using the flat iron can be less damaging for the hair than a blow dryer used wrongly. Make sure you keep in mind our advice and take all the measures to protect your hair.