Newborn essentials – things you need to buy as a first-time parent

When you’re preparing to become a parent for the first time, shopping lists and checklists can seem so tangled they become a total blur. This is why it’s best to set your mind for a minimal list comprised of absolutely essential items that will give you a starting point. We will try and draw one for you, leaving the diapering, clothing and feeding items aside, because of their obviousness.


First things first, the baby will need a place to sleep. You can choose between a cradle, a bassinet, or a full-on crib. They will keep your baby safe and sound during sleeping sessions, and ensure you some rest as well. While bassinets usually come with integrated towelling, cribs and cradles require separately purchasing mattresses, covers and linen. This gets us to the second and the third items on our list. The mattress must fit well inside the crib/cradle, and it can be either out of foam, or a innerspring model, the latter being preferred for its extra support. A waterproof mattress cover will keep the spills and usual bodily fluids off the mattress, making it easy to clean up quickly. Sheets and blankets must be sized to match the crib, and you should have several of each at hand.


A nursery will also need a nightlight and a changing table in order to keep your baby as comfortable as possible. 
In the first few weeks, when you’re outside the nursery with her, it’s mostly because it’s time for bathing, so make sure you have a plastic infant tub to keep your newborn in a safe amount of water. Car rides to the doctor’s and back are inevitable, so you must be well prepared for them. An infant car seat is a must-have as even the law requires for vehicle child transportation, but if you’re short on the budget, a convertible car seat will be a more economical investment.


The list can go on, of course, and you can narrow it down according to your financial situation and maybe hand-down items. However, remember that some objects such as cribs or car seats don’t have the guarantee of safety unless they’re new, so a bit of a sacrifice will still be needed at first.