MAHANAMBRATA'S BIRTH AND PARENTAGE Eminent scholar, world famous philosopher, pioneer in preaching manav dharma, religious priest Dr. MAHANAMBRATA BRAHMACHARI (Preashramite name 'Bankim') was born in the village Khalishakota, district Barisal, Bangladesh, on the Christmas day 25 th December in 1904. He was the youngest of three, a sister and two brothers, belonging to middle class agrarian Hindu family vaidya community --- a higher caste in Hindu hierarchy. His father Kalidas Dasgupta and mother Kaminisundari Devi were much regarded in the locality for nobility, scholarship and religious inclination.



The learning of Bankim began in a nearby Pathshala Primary School in 1909 and continued thereafter in village English school. At that time his father lost eye-sight totally and became partially deaf. Bankim, dedicated himself to blind father's service, had to read aloud scriptures, such as Mahabharat, Upanishad, Gita, Bhagabatam etc. Because of father's eagerness and for the satisfaction of mind Bankim and his family members were patriotic in nature and extended support to the cause of Non-co-operation movement and boycott of British goods initiated by Mahatma Gandhi and began to spun Charka and war Khaddar since then till attainment of independence in 1947. He also gave up English school education being inspired by the clarion call of Deshbandhu C. R. Das who stated English education as 'Slave making machinery'. Then he prosecuted his studies in Sanskrit Tol for 2 years. The news of Prabhu Jagadbandhu, the new incarnation of Sri Gouranga Mahaprabhu, that He (Prabhu) came out of his cottage at Sri Angan, Faridpur town after seclusion for about 17 years and giving 'darshan' to thousands of people gathering there everyday --- was the most memorable turning point in Bankim's life. His heart received the news as unfailing truth and took Prabhu Jagad bandhu as the towering spititual personalit, He ran away from home, travelled 80 miles on foot and got the celeshtialsight of Prabhu Jagadbandhu from a distance. A few months later an invisible power drew him again at the feet of Prabhu and by the grace of Sripad Mahendrajee, the chief Sebait of Prabhu, he was able to touch and worship the lotus feet of Prabhu. After sometime in September, 1921, he got with utmost grief readering the heart news of passing away of Prabhu Jagadbandhu.




Bankim's father breathed his last in 1922. On completion of last rites and rituals for the departed soul Bankim appeared at Sri Angan, Faridpur to become an ascetic saint (Brahmachari) of MAHANAM SAMPRADAYA, the association dedicated solely for propagation of teaching and ideals of Prabhu Jagadbandhu. But Sripad Mahendraji, the then spiritual master and founder president of Mahanam Sampradaya asked Bankim because of tender age to return home, pass the Matriculation examination first and thereafter to come to become a saint. Bankim's eagerness for ascetic life prompted him to take the first available opportunity to sit for the Matriculation examination. As he was out of touch with English School education for the last two years he had to study a few subjects including English anew. In 1923 he appeared at the Matriculation examination and obtained District Scholarship. Then he left home for good, came to Sri Angan, Faridpur and was initiated as Ashramite saint by Sripad Mahendraji with the Ashram name, Mahanambrata sole debotation to preach Mahanam. He used to serve the Asram heart and soul. Some time later, Mahendraji, asked him to take admission in Rajendra College, Faridpur for further studies. After performing various duties of the Ashram and attending College-classes he had hardly any time for studies. On many an occasion he had to carry on without mid-day meals because of poor financial condition of the Ashram and his absence during mealtime for attending College classes. With such trials and tribulations he passed B.A. Exam in 1928 with Honours in Sanskrit. As desired by Mahendraji, he studied M.A. in Sanskrit, which he passed from Calcutta University in 1931 obtaining first class first position though appeared in sick bed. At the advice of Mahendraji he studied M.A. in Western Philosophy in Calcutta University and passed the examination honourably. During the middle of 1933, when the result of his second M.A. exam was yet to publish, Mahendraji as President of Mahanam Sampradaya received an invitation from the President of World Fellowship of Faiths, Chicago, U.S.A. to send delegate to attend and deliver speeches in its conferences. Mahendraji thought this would the best platform to preach the most noble and beneficial teachings, Gospel and ideals of Prabhu Jagadbandhu, which would usher in an era of greatest good to the humanity. He sent Sriman Mahanambrata Brahmachari, though he never addressed any public gathering earlier. Mahanambrataji had to leave for U.S.A. without having full passage money for which he had to suffer from untold mental agony and affliction, cares and anxieties. He ultimately reached Chicago by the sheer grace of Prabhu Jagadbandhu. A true yogi and monk of Mahauddharan order, a vaisnava school of Bengal; named Mahanam Sampradaya Mahanambrata was a philosophy, interpreator, writer, master and 'order by divine right.