Why I am a fan of Sony point and shoot cameras

I come from a family that embraced the tradition of family photos with open arms. Every gathering we had over the past three decades has been like a long photo shoot, and it’s through this that I developed a special liking towards compact cameras, and especially for the Sony Cyber-shot line of point and shoot cameras.


I have to confess I only had the opportunity to test their high-end, newer RX series once, and it was an exhilarating experience, but what I really like about the Sony cameras is the fact that you can find a whole range of surprisingly good quality features in models that are very affordable, and you can pick one that matches your needs and preferences without having to pay extra.

Another thing that I really appreciate, as one who hates complications, is the ease-of-use and the care-free portability of these devices. All of them fit into a pocket, so you’ll never have to worry about buying it special carrying cases or carrying at all – since they weigh so little.


I and other Sony compact cameras fans also agree on the fact that they can cover a lot of work on a single battery charge. However, users of the more complex models have stated that the battery life hasn’t sustained the same quality increase, but I only find it natural. If you want a camera to be just as light and small and perform twice more tasks at the same time, you should be prepared for a shorter run-time.

And now let’s talk about image quality. In good lighting, Sony point and shoot cameras give exceptional results. The smallest sensor in the series is 18.2 MP, but you can get a 24.3 MP sensor on the more professional models. In any case, the sensor is large enough to produce quality  images even in low-light conditions – although the general opinion is that this still leaves a lot of room for improvement.

I’m going to leave out all other technical details, since everyone can easily find them on specialized forums and platforms, all I can say in the end is that I’m a photographer with simple needs, and I’ve found a good companion in Sony compact cameras, as they’re up to standard and even offer the possibility to put your imagination to work when you’re using their integrated features.