Expensive car seats – what are their advantages?


When it comes to the safety of our children, no expense seems superfluous. But in today’s market competition, how can we be sure manufacturers are not exploiting the cautiousness of parents as a simple weakness. If all car seats must pass certain safety tests, why should we buy a more expensive item instead of redirecting those money to other purposes?

Not all expensive car seats present extra features that are worth the money, and sometimes you end up paying for the brand, but here are some advantages offered by serious manufacturers that will make you spend more.


Additional safety features


As this is the most important aspect of them all, the best convertible car seats in 2017 will usually offer some extra safety features such as a linear side-impact protection, consisting in a plastic annex placed on each side of the seat, that acts like a first stopper at side impact. Other common features that you’ll encounter in pricier car seats are energy absorbing shells or anti-rebound bars. Many child injuries in car accidents occur because of the car seat’s faulty installation. A bubble-level indicator will help you determine the right angle to install the seat, and you can find in on most high-end models.

Side Impact Protection and extra cushioning


It is enough to take a look at a more expensive car seat to observe the extra padding that it presents on the sides, the interior and sometimes even on the edges. These layers of impact-absorbing foam can really make a difference in the event of a big impact, not only by giving the body a soft, non-injuring surface to press against, but also by adding to the entire sturdiness of the seat. Some models have an extended Side Impact Protection upholstery that stretches beyond the minimal limit of a cheaper car seat.




It’s fair to say that these are not crucial for fulfilling the main purpose of a car seat, but some of them are very welcome, nonetheless. A large canopy can protect your child from the burning sun, while a seat cover can save you a lot of wiping and scrubbing time. Padding on the handle can increase the comfort and the general ease of use, and cupholders will let you have the necessary bottles and toys at hand at any time.

Paying more for a car seat can’t guarantee you unbreakable safety, of course, but it does minimize risks and certainly adds to your baby’s comfort.