Ceramic tourmaline blow dryers – what are their advantages


As technology develops, new and new ways of updating older inventions are constantly trying to steal the spotlight. For the common buyer, most of the improvements remain unclear, as they only transpire through the name of the product, with little to no explanation attached to it. When it comes to blow dryers, the manufacturers propose a wide variety of ionic, ceramic, tourmaline dryers that work either as diffusers or as concentrators, but few of them bother to tell us what are the benefits of their products and their implied technologies. So if you’re trying to find out what makes a ceramic tourmaline blow dryer so sought after, here are a few of its advantages:

Speed and protection

While this is not the only type of dryer that uses these to shorten the drying time, the tourmaline that has been crushed and inserted into the components of the dryer emits a large amount of negative ions, that break down the water molecule and render a fast drying time. The main result and benefit of a short exposure to the action of a blow dryer is that the hair suffers less damage, which surely comes as a desiderate for all those who use a blow dryer.

On the other hand, ceramic is known to have two main properties that make it a great material for pans, flat irons, blow dryers, and other products that work by applying heat. Ceramic disperses heat evenly, and thus protects the hair from being overheated, as it happens with some plastics or metals. Furthermore, ceramic emits infrared heat that does no damage to the hair and softens the heat’s impact.

By combining these two elements, a ceramic tourmaline blow dryer gets you the best care and the fastest drying time at the same time.

Great styling

Another advantage when using a ceramic blow dryer is that the negative ions seal the hair cuticles, leaving a smooth, shiny strand. Applying heat to the hair usually opens the cuticles and gives hair a frizzy, porous texture. Sealing the cuticles makes the hair shinier and provides a better working base for different styling techniques.

Although better technology usually means a higher price, finding a good ceramic tourmaline blow dryer at an acceptable price is only a matter of patience and time. Moreover, once you’ve made your initial investment, buying reparatory treatments and last-minute hairstylist appointments will be cut out of your expenditures list, so that in the end, you will have won in all departments.