Buying a good mattress for your children

Becoming a parent means that you’re going to do a lot of things for the first time. Shopping for your children will be as new as any other experience and from my point of view, any advice that will help you avoid mistakes is welcome. I will be listing below a few pieces of advice that will hopefully help you buy a good mattress for your children.


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A good mattress is a new mattress

Although it may seem like an unnecessary expense considering a child’s growth rhythm, don’t go shopping for secondhand mattresses, even if you know the former owner and you get it very cheap. Dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria and mold, these are a constant presence in old mattresses. Furthermore, a mattress can hold its firmness for so long, and buying a used one might cause neck and back pain, not to mention an increased risk of cot death.


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Children grow, mattresses stay the same

Many parents get swept away by the cuteness of a small bed with a small mattress and bed sheets, but the truth is these won’t help you or your child in the long run. Consider getting a full size mattress. This will not only serve your kid more years, but it will allow maximum movement during the night, and a lot of space for acting out their bedtime stories.


Puffy doesn’t mean healthy

As your child develops, having a bed that provides him/her with the appropriate skeletal support is crucial. While memory foam mattresses are better for heat retention and might feel more comfortable, an innerspring mattress will always offer more support and thus, be a safer choice. Latex mattresses are also better, but they are a tad more expensive. If you have your heart set on a memory foam mattress, make sure you ventilate it and your child’s bedroom, as this type of material is known to release chemical odors that can be especially dangerous to children.

As to innerspring mattresses, open coil mattresses are probably the cheapest type, but they are also less durable, and can’t compare to their pocket coil counterpart in regards to the body support they offer.

My last suggestion is rather general, but still important. Once your young ones are grown enough to have opinions, allow them to explore the land of responsible choices. As long as they are the ones who have to sleep on it for years to come, they should have a say in what a good mattress means for them.