Expensive car seats – what are their advantages?

  When it comes to the safety of our children, no expense seems superfluous. But in today’s market competition, how can we be sure manufacturers are not exploiting the cautiousness of parents as a simple weakness. If all car seats must pass certain safety tests, why should we buy a more expensive item instead of […]

Ceramic tourmaline blow dryers – what are their advantages

  As technology develops, new and new ways of updating older inventions are constantly trying to steal the spotlight. For the common buyer, most of the improvements remain unclear, as they only transpire through the name of the product, with little to no explanation attached to it. When it comes to blow dryers, the manufacturers […]

My radar detector breakdown was expensive

  Sometimes, the things you invest in with the hope they’ll keep you out of trouble end up doing just the opposite. This very thing happened to me not long ago, while I was on my way back from a family trip in Colorado. I usually don’t travel long routes and I’m a true supporter […]

Buying a good mattress for your children

Becoming a parent means that you’re going to do a lot of things for the first time. Shopping for your children will be as new as any other experience and from my point of view, any advice that will help you avoid mistakes is welcome. I will be listing below a few pieces of advice […]

Using an action camcorder to capture your outdoor adventures

    If you’re tired of silently breaking world records in sports because you have no witnesses, maybe it’s time to consider recording your adventures, and there’s no better way to do it than bringing an action camcorder with you. Action cameras have become the favorite accessory of sportsmen all over the world because of […]

Why I am a fan of Sony point and shoot cameras

I come from a family that embraced the tradition of family photos with open arms. Every gathering we had over the past three decades has been like a long photo shoot, and it’s through this that I developed a special liking towards compact cameras, and especially for the Sony Cyber-shot line of point and shoot […]

Traveling through Europe – essential gadgets

Going on a vacation to Europe can mean a romantic getaway to the most romantic cities of the old continent, or an adventurous search for the unknown in the middle of the wild, but in all cases, it means leaving the comfort of your home, with just a few of your belongings. While you’re having […]

Robotic vacuum cleaners – do they really work

Is the era of Wall-E here yet? Our busy lives and full schedules make us desire more and more fully automated help, even inside our houses. This is one desire that seems to be fulfilled by the arrival of robotic vacuum cleaners on the market, but skeptical as we habitually are, we can’t help but […]

How often should you use a flat iron

  Finding the right flat iron is the first step to a quality straightening in-house session, but how often can you operate without putting your hair in danger? First of all, there is no universally acknowledged treatment that can cover all types of hair. Therefore, one straightening routine might work damage-free on some tresses, but […]